The Holidays are here! The season for gathering with friends & family and we're so excited to share our hand picked collection of thoughtfully curated pieces. We hope to help you bring little moments of Comfort & Joy throughout your home.

Embrace the Wonder of Christmas

I remember every childhood Christmas, My family would load up our car with gifts & drive down island to see my extended family. I still remember the "feeling" of anticipation and excitement as we would pull into my grandparents driveway. My sweet Grandma Anny and Grandpa Sven would greet us at the door making us feel so loved and welcome. The whole family was there and we would celebrate a traditional Norwegian Christmas Eve. These special moments have engrained in me a deep love for gathering with Family & Friends. I'm so thankful for the rich heritage that I now have the opportunity to embrace and pass on to my family. I encourage you this season to lean into the moments that bring that true "feeling" of love and joy. Remember, its never too late to start a new tradition.

Merry Christmas,