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This nail polish collection contains the 5 colors of the BKIND color scheme: Bon, Karma, Ingrédients, Naturels, Durables. Their vegan, 21-FREE, 77% plant-based and professional grade formula provides an easy application and a perfect long-lasting, luminous finish.

Fun fact: These colors take their name from the idea that BKIND is not an English word since each letter has a French meaning: Bon - Karma - Ingrédients - Naturels - Durables (Good karma with natural and durable ingredients)! Thanks to Loounie

Bon: a soft beige with pale pink undertones.
Karma: a cold blue-gray.
Ingrédients: a soft, light and shaded pinky beige.
Naturels: a very pale terracotta.
Durables: a luminous ivory.

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5 x 15ml