Recreate the Look

The Kindred Team

Karin & Melissa met on Instagram where an online friendship grew into a real life friendship when Melissa & her family were posted to the Comox Valley.

Instant real life friends, Karin & Melissa soon took the next step when Melissa joined Karin as administrator of @kindredhomes_ & working alongside Karin with creative projects for the blog @kindredlifestyleco.

Karin, the big dreamer is balanced by Melissa who helps keep things real & attainable with smart planning & a thoughtful approach. Melissa is passionate about minimal living & has a great eye for curating a functional & stylish home. Karin digs deep into her roots & curates a home that feels welcoming & full of heart while leaning into the same minimal approach as Melissa.

The hope is that Shoppe Kindred will balk against consumerism but instead encourage you to curate thoughtful spaces that infuse your unique personality & warmth by intentional additions over time.