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Shoppe Kindred

Kindred is your online & local resource for the design-conscious, considered consumer seeking stylish ways to infuse warmth and connection into your home and life.

The Kindred

The heart behind kindred is to bring a less is more approach and help you curate home and spaces that are warm and meaningful. Our goal is to bring you sustainable and versatile pieces that will help you infuse your own personal style into your home and spaces. We will do this by offering you not only thoughtfully selected products but also add on services to help you achieve your goals.

With years of customer service in real estate, the food industry and retail, we are committed to offering an experience that feels inviting, and has you coming back time and time again.

Karin Usipuik

Growing up, my mom had this little needlepoint that hung on our kitchen wall. It had a quote that has stayed with me and one that I think about so often as I’ve created this online space:

“To have a friend, Be one.”

As a realtor since 2005, I’ve been able to see many different homes & decor styles over the years and this has given me an even deeper perspective and real life examples of how intentional mindsets can truly bring any home to life.

On the personal side I love community and connection and my goal for this space beyond home decor, bad hair days and tablescapes is to make connections. I know that more than anything these days, people have a real desire to make genuine connections. So, grab a cozy blanket and a hot coffee and let’s get connected!

Melissa Coulter

Karin & Melissa met on Instagram where an online friendship grew into a real life friendship when Melissa & her family were posted to the Comox Valley. Instant real life friends, Karin & Melissa soon took the next step when Melissa joined Karin as administrator of @kindredhomes_ & working alongside Karin with creative projects for the blog!

With a background in office management, she puts her detailed administrative skills to use. You might see her in the shoppe occasionally. She’s generally behind the scenes using her top notch organizational skills to make sure things are consistent. Melissa is a wife, mama of 2 littles and also enjoys creating a home that is comfortable, organized and functional.

Melissa is passionate about minimal living & has a great eye for curating a functional & stylish home. Melissa balances Karin’s big audacious ideas with clear and consistent ways to carry them out!

Kathleen Wall Design

Kath has a passion for design and such an incredible eye when it comes to creating spaces that reflect your personal style.

Kath works alongside Kindred as our in house contract design specialist and we are so excited about the packages she will be offering! We are already dreaming up some @kindredlifestyleco x @kathleenwalldesign collaborative offerings and promise it will be unique, fresh, and forward thinking.

For our online community, Kath offers an added service where you can receive personal design advice, and for our local community, the same service but with a more personal touch.

Mariah Pearl

With a Background in retail management and online marketing, Mariah combines her two worlds at Kindred! You’ll find her in the shoppe from time to time but she’s generally working behind the scenes planning, creating and working on all things technical. 

Mariah is a big asset to the Kindred Team. She is incredibly organized, tech savvy & keen to accomplish anything. 

When she’s not in the office, she enjoys horseback riding or relaxing at the spa. She has a love for anything neutral and minimalist. 

Mila Usipuik

Already dreaming of creating her own home one day, Mila is learning how to create warm and cozy spaces. She loves adding personal touches to her dollhouse or creating a little nook under a blanket fort. Mila is our shoppe expert on all things "mini".